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1960-1970       11 plays are witten

1974                The first-night performance of the play "The Real Man" in Leningrad, Russia

1977, 1980       Books " Too Like The Lightning " and "Justus Liebig".

1977, 1987      The plays "The Real Man", “Somebody must leave” and 4 other plays are published.

1979                A "samizdat" book on the Soviet censorship is written. 

1982,1983       Underground performances of the plays "The Lot" and "Three-cornered Cakes" in Leningrad, Russia

1994                A novel "Professor's wife's toilet" is published in Israeli magazine "22"

1977-2014       About 300 papers, short stories, etc. are published in different Russian and Israeli newspapers and magazines.

1997                A book on the theory of drama - "Four Walls And One Passion" is published

1998                A book (selected plays) "Delights Of Adultery" is published

1998                Performance of the play "The Dog" in the "Nada Theater", New York, USA

1999                Performance of the plays "Three-cornered Cakes", and  "The Lot" in Israel theaters

2002                The play “Let’s have sex!, written in 1972,  is published in Israeli magazine "22" (in Russian).

2003                The play “Let us have sex!” (1972) is performed in Moskva, theater of Roman Viktyuk.

2003                The play “Now or never” (1969) is published

2007                The play “Immodest Desires” is published

2008                The play “A Party After The Premiere” is published

2006-2014       22 plays are written

2008-2014       About 10 plays are translated and staged at the theaters, on radio and TV of 15 countries



                        Guild of Russian Writers;

                        Russia Guild of the Theater Workers;


AWARDS       1998 “International Man of the Year”, Cambridge Biographic Center, England.



1988-1991, 2012-present -  President of the St. Petersburg Playwrights Guild.



Marquis “Who’s Who In The World” USA, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2006, 2009

International “Who’s Who”, IBC, Cambridge, England, 1999, 2000

International “Who’s Who Of Intellectuals”, IBC, Cambridge, England, 1999, 2000, 2008